Friday, September 5, 2014

Crazy sentiments

For all this time was I all alone. 
I was wandering in the world of my own. 
Life to me was merely ennui. 
And that’s the fact I just can’t deny. 
Knew not what love was all about. 
Was I trying hard to figure it out.
Was it until you came then.
And you made my life enliven. 

Was my life so barren and void.
As someone like you was I unable to find. 
All of a sudden did I see your mesmerizing gaze.
And that filled my entire heart with craze. 
Ah! Kind enough were your smiles.
Hardly could I believe my illusory eyes. 
Perfect to me were your every gesture. 
Watching them gives me immense pleasure. 

You came like a spring with new hopes and aspiration, 
To animate my spirit of joy that had almost sunken. 
This world has become a better place to live in, 
Ever since the day your face I had seen. 
Great were your smiles to ease my heart and soul. 
Did I then realize what love was after all.
A divine creature to you is what I wish to call.
And you've become precious to me of all. 

In my thoughts you’re there every day.
Now you hold a special place in my heart I say.
Insane you may call me, but it’s true. 
Ever since the day I’ve set my eyes on you, 
Lost is my mind in world of fantasy. 
And it’s you that my eyes always longs to see. 
To you I truly swear, 
Your mellifluous voice is what I often long to hear.

(This poem was written in the year 2003. I never had the chance to publish it somehow.)