Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Perfect Romance

Walk with me to my beautiful garden.
With affectionate care have I nurtured it, I want to show.
If it pleases you the least, then please do pardon.
For I love you more than flowers and the blossoms you must know.

Talk to me my darling of your hopes and dreams.
Hold me close like never.
It's been ages since we've spent time together it seems.
I wonder if moment like this we can have ever?

To you the prettiest of the roses plucked I'd give.
Tell me if you'll forever be mine?
Swear to me you'd ne'er leave.
Like stars in the sky our love must shine.

Together I want us to grow old in coming days.
Your love is one thing I'd oft long for.
I'll promise to be by your side always.
And our love will grow ever more.

We would see the sun hide.
You and me together will rejoice  the joy of moonlit night.
Therein you'd hug me tight with your arms open wide.
With moon shining over the garden, making it the loveliest sight.

Flowers dancing to the rhythm of the wind.
We'd hear the crickets chirp and see the fire flies fly.
The message of love and joy like it all has to send.
Thus, our bond will get stronger as time goes by.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

God’s child


He said, “Hey! child what are you afraid of;
Of love or betrayal?;
Of pain or happiness?;
Of acceptance or denial?;
Of light or darkness?"

“Come to me my dear” said He.
“I shall give you rest;
 Comfort you shall have from me”
“I’ll heal your wounded heart to the best”

 He says,” You can talk to me of your sorrow”
“Better days are yet to come”
“You’re burdened deep down I know
And in my paradise you shall have an eternal home”

“Like men, you’ll ne’er see a deceit in my heavenly kingdom”
“Be not afraid of betrayal my child.”
“My home is in no way like your mother earth that is now in doom”
“All you’d hear from me are the words so mild”

“I have heard your silent prayers”
“I have seen you cry”
“But I gave you the strength to fight all your fears”
“Oft you almost gave up and asked yourself why?”

“But my child you must know, I’ll ne’er deny you”
Even your own flesh and blood may abandon you in days few
“In my own image I have created you”
“You are my precious creation if you ever knew”

“Don’t be afraid of darkness”
“Full of undying lights is my paradise”
“There you need not worry of any sickness.
“People you’d come across there are the wisest of the wise”

“In heaven all you’d have from me is an eternal life”
“And no one there shall die of old age weakness”
“How tired must you be fighting to survive”
“There you shall not see the season of bleakness”

“Like nowhere else you’ll see the prettiest flowers bloom”
“Therein you’ll rejoice in peace”
“Never will you see the days of gloom”
 He then says, “My child, the kingdom of heaven is what i'm afraid my children may miss”


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My horror escape


One night was i walking down the alley alone in the dark.
Silence there was everywhere except for the sound of the dogs bark.
It sent me down a sudden chill.
Faster my heart was beating as I could feel.

A ghostly figure i saw at a distance.
Like a shadow it seemed to follow me for instance.
Nearer it was approaching as i began to look.
In fear i then shook.

Faster i then began to walk.
Saliva I was swallowing and I couldn't talk.
I walked towards home in haste.
Even a second of time I wouldn't want to waste.

Persistently my heart was beating with fear.
To turn back and look who would dare?
Felt like heart was in my mouth.
But I could not even shout.

In fear i felt the sweat from my brow fall.
Desperate i was to see someone one around i could call.
Suffocating it was and I was running short of breath.
Have i been walking for fifteen minutes or so and swear i was afraid.

Suddenly i heard my own scream.
Ah! Gosh it was just a dream.
My throat had dried out of thirst.
All l needed was the water first.

I had left the television on.
There was a horror movie still being shown.
I then realized it was a nightmare.
Or a dream it was rarest of rare.

I breathed a sigh of relief.
Still wondering in disbelief.
Of the clock i heard a tick tock.
I saw it was the morning's 2 O'clock.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

“My Final Adieu”

Dear, you've from me my final adieu.
My heart is bleeding in blue.
For in pieces you've left it broken.
And in grief it is sunken.

Great were you in deluding me.
While you were the one with whom I always longed to be.
We’d Share joys and sorrows to one another
And forever we promised to love each other.

It always felt good when you played with my hair.
And I thought it to be your care.
Your arms around made me feel so safe.
But from now on this is one thing I’ll always crave.

Memorable were the days we spent together.
Those moments I’ll cherish forever.
While with you, was I always over the moon.
Yet ne’er did I realize my joy was coming to an end soon.

Still pondering what made you change your mind?
Tried hard but no valid reasons could I find.
Ne’er knew you’d love me for the sake.
Those promises were nothing but fake.

Sacrifices I did make for our relationship.
And we’ve been through all sorts of hardship.
But commitment from your way ne’er came easily.
Perhaps you ne’er took the things genuinely.

Nothing in this world seems to last forever.
Not even so called the true love of a lover.
There were times when we hated to live apart.
And we’d wish we ne’er had to depart.

At this very instant feel like I’m all alone.
For you’ve left me forever and gone.
You took my love for granted, I don’t know why?
May be someday we’re meant to say forever good bye.