Saturday, September 13, 2014

What’s wrong with the people?

There is no denying that we are currently living in the age of science and technology. People have moved so much ahead of time in terms of inventions and there is hardly anything that they can’t do. But their inventions have failed when it comes to changing the mindset of the people. There is no such device invented that can perform the task of altering the mentality of the modern men. If they could only invent one such thing, then perhaps there won’t be much turmoil in the world.

We’re all mankind born under the same sky and the sun. Yet we take pride in discriminating others by caste, creed, colour and by other artificial yardsticks. By the law of nature everyone is born equal. We bleed the same blood and our heart too beats the same way. No matter even if you are born a plutocrat or a beggar, the graveyard is where your corpse must finally rest. We may be born as strangers but we are to be bound together by the fact of being a human. Never look down on poor as both poor and rich are born with a common purpose of serving humanity. Like good must co-exist with evil, our life too is bound by the same principle.

At present we are living in the world that is filled with chaos and fear. The socially evil people sow the seeds of hatred begetting the deaths of thousands of innocent people, leaving behind their families helpless and in a state of despair. Many fall under as victims of war while some are victimized by terror. Where is the serenity of this world we call our home? No one but the man himself is responsible for the devastation. The peace of the world has been shattered. Men never pause to think what they are going to gain by hurting and deceiving one’s own fellowmen. We are all mortal beings. Even the one that hurts and deceives others is bound to meet the same destiny.

Nobody but man himself has to restore the peace of the world. We go on praying for ourselves; how about praying for others sometimes; how about being selfless once in a while? It isn’t impossible, is it?
Life is the greatest and the most precious of all the gifts bestowed by the almighty above. We must learn to live in harmony. We ought to live in peaceful co-existence. Live by helping one another at good times and also at the times of adversity.

Man could have failed in inventing the device that can change mindset but we have a God gifted device which no man’s invention can compare with. That is the ‘mind power’ we have which can be implemented as a filtering device capable of sorting out good from bad. Our mind has the ability to control our attitude towards any circumstances that come our way and act accordingly.  This very ability is what differentiates us amongst other sentient beings and makes us human. Try to cultivate healthy thoughts in your mind. Don’t let anything inside which contaminates and makes it impure. Though it’s not an easy task but then it isn’t impossible either. All you need is sheer will power to accomplish it.