Sunday, June 9, 2013

“Moments to be valued”

Life’s more or less like a handful of sand,
That you hold in your hand.
Even if life’s precious of all gifts we say.
We ne’er know when it will simply slip away.

A great deal of time we oft squander.
We keep on regretting over the past blunder.
Or else worry too much of the future.
While the moments we’ve is what we forget to treasure.

Life is worth living with the moments we have right now.
Yet people don’t realize it somehow.
Learn to value those moments we share.
Those moments shall ne’er be the same and are rare.

Stress not about future so much.
No one knows what tomorrow may bring as such.
With every new sunrise,
Take each day of your life as a surprise.

Have courage to face any challenges.
Try to overcome the hindrances.
For those are the stuffs life is made of.
And living that way can be much better off.

Those moments may not return anymore.
Hence handle it with care evermore.
Try to give your life the best shot.
For in days to come, it’d matter to you a lot.