Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Perfect Romance

Walk with me to my beautiful garden.
With affectionate care have I nurtured it, I want to show.
If it pleases you the least, then please do pardon.
For I love you more than flowers and the blossoms you must know.

Talk to me my darling of your hopes and dreams.
Hold me close like never.
It's been ages since we've spent time together it seems.
I wonder if moment like this we can have ever?

To you the prettiest of the roses plucked I'd give.
Tell me if you'll forever be mine?
Swear to me you'd ne'er leave.
Like stars in the sky our love must shine.

Together I want us to grow old in coming days.
Your love is one thing I'd oft long for.
I'll promise to be by your side always.
And our love will grow ever more.

We would see the sun hide.
You and me together will rejoice  the joy of moonlit night.
Therein you'd hug me tight with your arms open wide.
With moon shining over the garden, making it the loveliest sight.

Flowers dancing to the rhythm of the wind.
We'd hear the crickets chirp and see the fire flies fly.
The message of love and joy like it all has to send.
Thus, our bond will get stronger as time goes by.