Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I am no more me.


I'm no more me.
From deep inside I can see.
My youthfulness is fading away.
Slowly my body is giving its way.

Through periods of transition I've been.
Lot more of alterations are yet to be seen.
I've bloomed from a bud hither.
And in the sand as a rose I shall wither.

Reflection of my wrinkling image I see in the mirror.
Thoughts of being old and ugly oft gives me the horror.
Yet from reality who can run?
Hard it is even to shun.

At heart I'm still young.
It's joyed upon hearing a love song.
With maturity I now behave.
Yet for few things, like a child I still crave.

Humiliations have made me humble.
My spirit ne'er sunk when things seem to tumble.
Rejections and fear couldn't break me down.
For things aren't bad as we suppose and frown.

At times dejections and failure I did face.
But I learnt to accept it with a grace.
I've had good experiences and the bad.
With honesty I've lived and for which I'm glad.

Yet I'm no more me.
I'm getting older and wiser as I can be.
Someday my corpse will be laid to rest.
I shall go back to where I belong, the dust.