Sunday, August 9, 2015

Juveniles in love


By the lonely river side wait for me.
Before the sun sets,there I'll be.
Therein we'll rejoice and share our little secret world.
Hug one another when cold.

Gusty wind we'll feel it blow.
And our talks would be as ever slow.
Our dream house we'll build with sands.
Together with our very own hands.

We'll sing our favourite song as loud as ever.
We'd wish if moment lasts forever.
There in the rock we'll sit.
Playing and splashing water with our feet.

You'll tell me of your dreams and your grief.
I'll tell you of my joy in brief.
In the water we'll throw some pebble.
And keep on throwing till our hand becomes feeble.

I shall lay my head on your shoulder.
While i keep gazing at the gentle flow of the river.
There you'll be caressing my hair.
Have I craved so much for your affectionate care.

We'll see the sun hide slowly in the sky.
Only then would we know time has gone by.
By eve I'll bid you adieu.
Yet in anticipation to see you in days few.