Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Dream Guy Fantasy

Well I don’t exactly remember for how long I have been fantasizing about the man of my dream. I always had this fancy that my dream guy would be someone who is exceptionally smart but not necessarily handsome as outlook for me is just a secondary thing. He is supposed to be someone who is sensitive to the sentiments of other people. He should have high esteem for women or I would quite say that he should give his spouse the same advantage that he himself enjoys. My dream man ought to be a helping hand. He should stand by me at good time and at the times of adversity as well. Good sense of humour is what I’ll expect from him. His love for me should be unconditional and his feelings for me should not be adulterated by any circumstances. He must have a heart of compassion. Hard working and ambitious are some of the qualities I would like to see in him. My man should be my inspiration in whatever things I do and I’ll often look forward to his encouragement.
I may well act weird at times since I am anticipating a lot from my man. Nevertheless utmost love and affections is what he’ll always have from me. I will stand by him no matter even if the world tumbles down. Besides his soul mate I want to be his bosom buddy. Moral support I will definitely bestow him whenever he feels kind of low.
Well, well, who has the control over our thoughts? Not even us. Our thoughts know no boundaries. Yet it is so very often, good to ascend in the flight of the imagination and I see no harm in dreaming infeasible things in life if that really gives you the delight. After all everyone has the right to take pleasure in what makes them feel beautiful and blissful. I must well admit that my happiness lies in my unexplored fantasy and dreams.
All right, getting back to the reality, of lately I am having this feeling that dream guy exist only in a fairy tales. No, no, not in reality. We hardly get what we ought to have in life to be fully contented. Possibly everyone would have been much better-off if they just get what they had anticipated from life.
As of now, the fantasy of my magical man is slowly fading away and I no longer search for perfections as he does not seem to exist at all. Perhaps it was just an imagination playing tricks over me. But what I have come to know after all this time is that life is really mysterious and love is often times unexpected. Falling in love is really a good feeling, but then what if your feelings turn out to be just an illusion?..

This article was written in 2010 and I still can't figure it out what actually occurred to mind to write it. I have finally found my man. He may not be as exactly as I had dreamed of but I'm still happy to have him. After all this time what I've come realize that it's not the perfect person but a perfect relationship which makes life to go on.