Thursday, September 19, 2013

“In pursuit of solace”

One eve was I out of the town,
I needed a time to be on my own.
Up in the rocky hill was there a castle so majestic.
Awesome was its sight and so mystic.
Mystery environs the very castle is what some supposed.
Or a few that even held it to be cursed.

To me it was no less than what I had read in fairy tales.
One such castle I had read about in Rapunzel in my childhood days.
Rapunzel, a beautiful lady confined in a castle by the witch’s magical spell for years.
A prince comes to take her away from the place that everyone fears.
A prince so charming had fallen so much in love with her,
He was destined to rescue her to a place so far.

Under a pine tree I got myself relaxed.
Who could have built it to myself I asked.
For how long has it been subsisting?
I kept myself asking.
So much of queries I had at the back of my mind.
The answers to which I presume I may ne’er find.

The strikingly calm and still aqua blue sea enclosed it.
Magnificent pine trees, exotic flowers stirred by the wind to the beat.
From the sea blew the wind so fresh and tender.
Tweeting of the birds I could for so long hear.
The very smell of the woods made my heart gay.
Wherein the city could I get such a feeling, to myself I say.

We take no time to stand and gaze
And value the beauty of the mother earth and praise.
Who dares to take a road less travelled?
And explore the unexplored?
Possibly a handful of people or rare,
While we’re busy amassing wealth as that’s what we care.

Man has no time to take a glimpse of nature.
He endures misery and has become a pitiful creature.
What is there to take following your demise?
Other than your own soul is what we never realize.
There isn’t a lot you can take.
But when will we realize the fact and wake?

For quite some time was I unable to believe my illusive eyes.
Was it a real or merely a hallucination otherwise?
What could have been the very intend of the Maker?
As the place could pacify human misery and had such a mystic power.
It was possibly one such creation that’s so wonderful.
Thus to the Creator I ought to be thankful.

(Incidences and places described in the poem are purely imaginative and bears no resemblance to any existing places/things etc,..)