Tuesday, June 25, 2013

“The Rain”

Oh! Rain, it’s time now once again for your fall.
In summer must you hear frustrated men’s call.
When heat strikes the earth’s creature harshly,
You oft come to their rescue readily.

To some you are no less than a blessing.
But for few you could be devastating.
Too soothing is your arrival.
Yet it can be an obstacle to some people’s survival.

So much of favor you do to a peasant.
While for some you make things so unpleasant.
No one anticipates you more than a grower.
As his yield is what he expects to be richer.

You bring about so much of bliss and a relief,
Though destruction you cause at times can be disbelief.
You’re such a thing one can’t do without.
As so profuse is the rejuvenation you bring about.

As I was looking at the very sight of down pour,
In ecstasy my heart did begin to soar.
It took me down to the memory lane.
Not so long ago I’d sing rain, rain go away, time and again      
Stunning can be the view and so pleasing,
While closely watching at the rain lashing.
The fresh aroma of the earth it carries within it,
It is kind of smell I’d wanted for so long to breathe.

I felt on my head the rain drops falling.
Whole heartedly I started laughing.
When was the last time that I was so joyful?
I wondered if I ever was too glad as I’m doubtful.

For quite some time or a while,
I had forgotten to smile.
Was I so busy in the worldly dealings?
And I had disregarded my own feelings.

Oh! Rain for how long can I expect you?
For in few days time I got to bit you adieu.
Yet I’ll wait for your arrival until next year.
And expect you'd return with much freshness and cheer.