Friday, May 31, 2013

“Fate Vs Faith”

  What sort of fate have I got?
  It was something I was constantly anxious about.
  Time and again there came the obstacle.
  And it made me struggle.
  My heart was oft filled with sad rhythm.
  But it was hard for me to fathom.
  My dreams at times seemed shattered.
  Felt like it no longer mattered.

  I wondered why I deserved such treatment from life?
  For how long was I to endure misery to survive?
  Quite a few times, out of sheer agony I did cry.
  Blaming oft the fate and asking why?

   I was indeed waiting for the joyous moments to come.
   Weaker my eyes had started to become.
   I had begun to lose my aspiration.
   Also was I gradually losing my inspiration.

   Yet there was a thing which I kept on believing.
   Behind every dark cloud lies the silver lining.
   Things don’t happen easily is what I learnt
    Nothing can be achieved by grumbling and grunt.
    I realized fate more or less was just a state of mind.
    We can alter the destiny of life if we’re truly determined.
    Sitting still and wishing made no man a great.
    And it was useless wasting time in grievance and regret.

(This is my first poem which i wrote in the year 2003 when i was still in my high schools.)