Tuesday, July 12, 2016

“My Final Adieu”

Dear, you've from me my final adieu.
My heart is bleeding in blue.
For in pieces you've left it broken.
And in grief it is sunken.

Great were you in deluding me.
While you were the one with whom I always longed to be.
We’d Share joys and sorrows to one another
And forever we promised to love each other.

It always felt good when you played with my hair.
And I thought it to be your care.
Your arms around made me feel so safe.
But from now on this is one thing I’ll always crave.

Memorable were the days we spent together.
Those moments I’ll cherish forever.
While with you, was I always over the moon.
Yet ne’er did I realize my joy was coming to an end soon.

Still pondering what made you change your mind?
Tried hard but no valid reasons could I find.
Ne’er knew you’d love me for the sake.
Those promises were nothing but fake.

Sacrifices I did make for our relationship.
And we’ve been through all sorts of hardship.
But commitment from your way ne’er came easily.
Perhaps you ne’er took the things genuinely.

Nothing in this world seems to last forever.
Not even so called the true love of a lover.
There were times when we hated to live apart.
And we’d wish we ne’er had to depart.

At this very instant feel like I’m all alone.
For you’ve left me forever and gone.
You took my love for granted, I don’t know why?
May be someday we’re meant to say forever good bye.


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