Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My horror escape


One night was i walking down the alley alone in the dark.
Silence there was everywhere except for the sound of the dogs bark.
It sent me down a sudden chill.
Faster my heart was beating as I could feel.

A ghostly figure i saw at a distance.
Like a shadow it seemed to follow me for instance.
Nearer it was approaching as i began to look.
In fear i then shook.

Faster i then began to walk.
Saliva I was swallowing and I couldn't talk.
I walked towards home in haste.
Even a second of time I wouldn't want to waste.

Persistently my heart was beating with fear.
To turn back and look who would dare?
Felt like heart was in my mouth.
But I could not even shout.

In fear i felt the sweat from my brow fall.
Desperate i was to see someone one around i could call.
Suffocating it was and I was running short of breath.
Have i been walking for fifteen minutes or so and swear i was afraid.

Suddenly i heard my own scream.
Ah! Gosh it was just a dream.
My throat had dried out of thirst.
All l needed was the water first.

I had left the television on.
There was a horror movie still being shown.
I then realized it was a nightmare.
Or a dream it was rarest of rare.

I breathed a sigh of relief.
Still wondering in disbelief.
Of the clock i heard a tick tock.
I saw it was the morning's 2 O'clock.

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