Wednesday, May 11, 2016

“ Death" The invisible shadow

Since ancient era, death remains the greatest mystery.
A mystery still unresolved in mankind’s history.
One instant we’re lively and alive.
Yet another moment we’re battling with life.

Oft like an invisible spirit comes the death.
With its unexpected arrival,makes us take our last breath.
Feels like its watching you always from somewhere.
Like a shadow it follows you everywhere.

Death makes its arrival like that of an uninvited guest.
It brings a mournful day by putting someone at rest.
So unkindly it stops the heart beat
A helpless creature as we're even do away with it.

How much miseries are caused is not a bit of its care.
What choices have we got though we fear?
Unimaginable pain one has to bear.
And the voices of the parted ones no longer can we hear.

Losing someone forever brings sorrow so deep.
And in sorrows our heart'll weep.
While we’re gone,more of a memory we become.
Just in thoughts we may live in years to come.

Awfully death is certain for everyone.
From it no one can ever hide or run.
For what could be more valuable than life?
And how hard do we toil to survive?

In the end,all the riches does it matter?
Wealth amassed, fame earned will it be worth the flatter?
Is anything there that can actually be taken?
Even your much loved body is to be forsaken.

With every breaking dawn, if we may rise is oft doubtful.
Yet, one more day we may live is what one ought to be hopeful.
Learn to make life meaningful somehow.
And begin to treasure every moment you’ve right now.

Value every moment that makes you smile.
Hold it all close to your heart for a while.
Forgive those who’ve hurt you and hated.
As you go, too hefty will it be to carry the burden of hatred.

Worry not if you’d have a peaceful rest.
In all the things you do just try giving your best.
When you leave, have no more fear.
For in the thoughts of our beloved’s we'd always there.

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